Our people

Our team consists of passionate individuals who share the same goal to inspire health and transform care in our local, and national, community. We work closely with members from our local health districts, our university partners and the general community to improve health through community-driven medical research.


A/Professor Paul Middleton


Dr Nicholas Moore

Senior Research Fellow

Ms Nilima  Chavan

Executive Assistant to the Director

Dr Shiquan                  Ren

Data scientist

Ms Kate Drury

Research Nurse

PhD students

Riccardo Lee

Carrina Lee

Abdullah Alharbi

Honours students 2021

Darshana Kanan

Kieran Shivakumaarun

Honours student 2019

Honours students 2020

Ike Schwartz

Kaitlyn Cobcroft

Jeshua Reece

Honours students 2018

Jessica Wang

Sharon Hu

Carrina Lee

Honours students 2018

Honours student 2017

Riccardo Lee

David Toro

David Toro

Independent Learning Program students 2021

Andrew Sarson

Celia Kan

Independent Learning Program students 2020

Maria Zaidi

Fayed Morshedi

Susie Sukarieh

Afif Hossain

Samantha Vigneswaran

Ali Abid

Ready to Make a Change?

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