Multicultural Emergency Medicine Epidemiology


MEME is a retrospective database consisting of patients who present to Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department (ED) from 2014 to 2018 using the ED’s electronic medical record and electronically linking it to the hospital’s inpatient electrical medical record, pathology and radiology databases. This allows researchers to follow the patient as they move through the healthcare system from the Emergency Department all the way to their discharge from the hospital. This allows epidemiological researchers to view if there are any differences, changes and improvements in diagnosis, interventions and patient outcomes between patient groups to be completed through large scale retrospective cohort studies.  

Clinical trials in emergency medicine

One of the main focus of clinical trials at SWERI is to improve the diagnostic ability of doctors at the healthcare system through the use of non-invasive monitoring equipment such as the USCOM-1A or a pulse oxymeter and predictively model the data.

The Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research

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